Royal Palms

Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program for the LGBTQ Community


Royal Palms (formerly a program of Mary Lind Recovery Centers, founded in 1949), provides quality residential recovery services to the LGBTQ community. We are located in central Los Angeles, just minutes from Downtown and within the Los Angeles Community College District. We understand that every individual’s circumstances are different. Meeting the individual at his personal level ensures initial engagement and promotes ownership in each resident’s own recovery. Treatment duration also depends on the individual’s unique circumstances, and although access to vocational and occupational training programs become openly attainable, residents in early recovery are strongly encouraged to attend on-site daily self-help meetings in order to fellowship, seek sponsors, and build strong foundations. Mandatory daily groups are facilitated by certified addiction specialists and weekly individual and case management sessions identify goals and motivate the individual toward change. Specific services include Life Skills education, Family Reunification, Process groups, Anger Management & Domestic Violence groups, and Vocational groups.

Social and recreational activities are a vital part of our approach. They promote fun in recovery and introduce the resident to a healthy concept of “being of service” to the community.

The program advocates for familial support for residents and a regularly scheduled visitation is available to all family members and interested significant others. Residents attend Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings within the Facility and at different locations in the surrounding community. Residents attend scheduled activities in the community which assist the resident in developing community resources in the areas of recreation, education and community service. Residents are linked up with the Department of Motor Vehicles, vocational rehabilitation services, medical services and other community services which meet the resident’s needs.


Each resident is assigned a Counselor who serves as a case manager and advocates for the resident in terms of developing an appropriate, individualized treatment plan and ensures that the resident is taking advantage of needed resources. In addition, the Counselor advocates for the resident during discharge planning and provides appropriate resources and referrals upon completion of the program.

Residents develop social skills and social support networks by modeling staff’s daily social interactions through education provided in groups and individual counseling and by attending community functions and Twelve Step meetings in the community. Residents are encouraged to develop vocational skills. This is accomplished through skills developed by participating in housekeeping & facility chores. Residents are also encouraged to seek out vocational and educational (GED prep) services in the community.

Royal Palms is CARF accredited and licensed and certified by the Department of Health Care Services, State of California. Royal Palms is partially funded by the Department of Public Health, County of Los Angeles.


 Photo by: Brandon James

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