Breathe Better Live Better campaign for Smoke-Free Housing in Covina

Tobacco-Free Partnership Covina/West Covina announces Breathe Better Live Better campaign for Smoke-Free Housing in Covina.

On September 29th, 2021, SMRS’ Tobacco-Free Partnership of Covina/West Covina held the Breathe Better Live Better community forum to explore secondhand smoking regulations in Covina. This event allowed residents, health care professionals, and property managers to express their views regarding secondhand smoke regulations. While the forum was held online, some residents gathered in person at the City Grill in downtown Covina, and Mayor Jorge Marquez stopped by as well.

The forum was moderated by Primo Castro from the American Cancer Society/Cancer Action Network. He introduced our panelists Daniel Yukelson, Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, Melanie Hardy, and Tim Hanes of Emanate Health. Following the brief presentations by the panelists, we began the question-and-answer session led by Joe Rodriguez, Stamp Out Smoke (SOS) Covina Coalition. The session allowed community members to ask questions regarding the health benefits of smoke-free multi-unit housing among others.

The forum is one of three ways we are gathering community input. There is a survey link to our Breathe Better website and also a form to collect testimonials. The Breathe Better website is open until October 15, 2021. Please visit to submit your survey or leave your testimonial to support smoke-free housing for Covina residents!

Watch the recorded forum of Breathe Better Live Better campaign for Smoke-Free Housing in Covina here.

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