Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program for Men and Women


Bimini (formerly a program of Mary Lind Recovery Centers, founded in 1949) is a residential treatment program for people who have a self-diagnosis of a substance use disorder, specializing in treatment for Veterans of our Armed Forces. The program provides an innovative milieu that integrates self-help principles and traditional methods. The comprehensive schedule includes group and individual counseling in conjunction with Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other Twelve Step groups. Within a highly structured social model system, daily activities focus on personal growth, education and recreation. Abstinence from all abused drugs, including alcohol, is necessary for effective participation in the program. Residents learn that sound mental health and recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse/dependency is a continuing process. By developing new attitudes that will increase responsible behavior, residents gain the freedom to make well-informed life choices. This environment supports an ongoing pursuit of the mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness inherent in each individual.

Located in Los Angeles, Bimini is the ideal location for adults seeking recovery and a new start in life with access to vocational and occupational training programs. Other services that are included at Bimini are assistance in family reunification and DCFS support, and life skills education. Men’s Process Group, Women’s Process Group, and Anger Management & Domestic Violence Groups are also provided.


Residents attend Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings at different locations in the surrounding community after program restriction. Residents attend activities in the community which assist the resident in developing community resources in the areas of recreation and education. Residents are linked with the Department of Motor Vehicles, vocational services, medical services and other community services which meet the resident’s needs.

Bimini also offers vocational guidance and support such as computer skills training and certification through on-site classes provided by Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition, Bimini provides assistance in finding resolution to on-going legal obligations as well as assistance in locating suitable living environments for long-term recovery, including identifying sober living facilities.

Each resident is assigned a Counselor who serves as a case manager and advocates for the resident in terms of developing an appropriate, individualized treatment plan and ensures that the resident is taking advantage of needed resources. In addition, the Counselor advocates for the resident during discharge planning and provides appropriate resources and referrals upon completion of the program.

Residents develop social skills and social support networks by modeling staff’s daily social interactions through education provided in groups and individual counseling and by attending community functions and Twelve Step meetings in the community.

Residents are encouraged to develop vocational skills. This is accomplished through skills developed by participating in facility chores. Residents are also encouraged to seek out vocational services in the community.

Bimini is CARF accredited and licensed and certified by the Department of Health Care Services, State of California. It is partially funded by the Veterans Administration; Department of Public Health, County of Angeles; and the California Department of Education.

 Photo by: Brandon James


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